Documentary / Video Essay

Dario Di Liberti: Researcher – Sicily Area, 2023
An experimental travelogue in the Sicilian island off the tourist trail. Somewhere between urbex and a conversation on the role of architecture in Sicily, the video essay reflects on the difficulty of inhabiting this territory by documenting violence and its condition as “waste land”.

“Is there any hope of getting back on track? Is it still possible
today to have a dialogue to the future instead of almost
exclusively to the past?”

:After Festival is the first festival of architecture in Sicily that proposes a multidisciplinary analysis of the architectural structures that have characterised the last 100 years (1922-2022) on the island.

Organised by Fondazione Studio Rizoma
Curatorial Team: Pietro Airoldi, Lisa Andreani, Jacopo Costanzo (WAR), Zeno Franchini (LOTS/Marginal), Francesca Gattello (LOTS/Marginal), Valeria Guerrisi (WAR) e Izabela Anna Moren (FSR).

The project is the winner of the public call ‘Festival Architettura – II edition’ promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.