Festival diffuso di architettura in Sicilia. “The first festival of architecture in Sicily that proposes a multidisciplinary analysis of the architectural structures that has characterised the last 100 years (1922-2022) on the island”.

Dario Di Liberti: Researcher – Sicily Area, 2023 – Work in progress

Organised by Fondazione Studio Rizoma
Curatorial Team: Pietro Airoldi, Lisa Andreani, Jacopo Costanzo (WAR), Zeno Franchini (LOTS/Marginal), Francesca Gattello (LOTS/Marginal), Valeria Guerrisi (WAR) e Izabela Anna Moren (FSR).

The project is the winner of the public call ‘Festival Architettura – II edition’ promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.